Frank Urbaniak

In a word, I'm an artist and enjoy being creative in all aspects of my life. I've been fortunate over the last 25 years to have worked with many talented people and agencies, contributing to the creative environment through graphic design, illustration and animation. I've worked closely with CEO's, marketing directors and production teams to think outside the box and inspire creative, thoughtful art. It's in this space that I thrive.

Over the years I've worked on print and logo design, custom illustrations including technical drawings, animated commercials, video post production and a dabbling in mobile apps. Whatever project lands on my lap, I welcome it with creative enthusiasm.


Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, my earliest memories of being an artist—releasing my creative spirit— is around five years of age, building things from scraps of wood or copying the Peanuts comics to create my own funny strip. By 4th grade, my art teacher pulled my parents aside recommending they send me to art school, as there isn't much more she could do for me. And so began my journey of becoming an life long artist. From the early Tam O' Shanter art classes at the Carnegie Museum to a degree in Visual Communication from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, I continue down my creative path, ever expanding in design, illustration and animation.


– Custom Illustration
– Print Design
– Logo/Branding Design
– Iconography
– App Design and Programming
– UI Design

I am a designer, illustrator, media specialist with 20 plus years experience creating branding, marketing, print and mobile solutions for all types of industries. I can create a solution to any challenge put in my hands…nothing is impossible.